Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach

Dan Woerheide

Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach

Dan Woerheide

by Coach Dan


I have completed Ramsey Solutions Financial Coach Master Training (FCMT) and participate in the local coach referral program. As a participant in this program and a graduate of FCMT I provide the following disclaimer:

“Completion of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Coach Master Training does not create an employment or agency relationship with Ramsey Solutions or its affiliates; it does not constitute a license or credentials to engage in legal, tax, accounting, investment, or other professional services; nor does it constitute an endorsement or recommendation of the Coach by Dave Ramsey.”

The opinions expressed here are my own, and all coaching sessions follow principles established by Ramsey Solutions.


About Dan
Daniel B. Woerheide (Coach DanW)
Master Financial Coach Training 2016
Dave Ramsey Financial Counselor Training 2012
Financial Peace University Graduate 2009
Other personal qualifications:
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
NOVA Sexual Assault Victim Advocate
Master Resiliency Trainer Level 2
Instructor US Army.

No matter how complex your financial situation, I have the capabilities and the experience to help you create a plan for a healthy financial future.

Thank you for visiting, I am Active Duty with the US Army. I was raised in Chesapeake, Virginia and it wasn’t until joining the Army that I had the experience of “traveling”. In my travels, I have been given a chance to learn and grow though many programs and opportunities like financial counselor training, leading Financial Peace classes for the military community and others. I have mentored participants from multiple countries through their personal financial journeys.

In my “day” job I spend many hours counseling, coaching and mentoring others. I enjoy seeing others succeed. I have found that I really have a passion for helping you achieve and working with you to learn and grow toward meeting your financial goals. I believe in lifelong learning through reading and prefer to read Non-Fiction, leadership materials. Until recently my coaching was only available to the military community. In February of 2016 I decided to open my service and my heart to the greater community and established my coaching business.

We will work with you to identify exactly where you’re at now and assist in developing a financial plan based on your goals.  We will ensure you understand your options and walk with you to determine the best course of action to move forward.

Clients count on us to meet their financial goals. Whether you are in a financial crisis, planning for college savings, retirement, starting or growing a small business, our solutions are individualized based on your specific needs.